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How do I refer a patient to IV Solutions?

Call IV Solutions at (800) 658-6046

Send prescription in an e-Prescription, or fax it to (800) 791-7851

Download appropriate patient referral forms.

Looking to Refer Patients to IV Solutions?

IV Solutions helps you focus on patient care by saving you time at every step of the process.

Our clinical staff works with patients, providers, payers and manufacturers to ensure all your needs are met in a streamlined system.

We make it easy to refer patients for inhalation medication or infusion therapy treatments.

The IV Solutions Difference

Because our goal is to make things as simple as possible when referring a patient to one of our pharmacies. We reduce the work and time required of the physician and/or managed care staff. Our reimbursement department takes the Prior Authorization burden off the physician’s staff as much as possible.

IV Solutions does all the legwork ahead of time to determine eligibility, benefits, prior authorization, recertification, and we keep your office informed every step of the way.

IV Solutions also offers customized Rx order forms, ongoing care coordination, FREE shipping, and patient safety protocols. Our proactive refill reminders ensure that patients never run out the medications they’re prescribed.

Clinical Pharmacist Consultation & Monitoring Services

  • On-going Patient Follow Up
  • Centralized Intake Coordination
  • Prior Authorization Assistance
  • 24/7/365 Availability To Bilingual Support
  • Personalized Pharmacist Consulting & Monitoring
  • Individualized New Patient Education
  • Side Effects Management
  • Clinical Follow Up and Intervention
  • Outcomes Monitoring
  • Health & Safety Assessments.