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Kitabis Pak® Cystic Fibrosis

Kitabis, first approved by the FDA in 2014, is a Tobramycin inhalation solution used to help Cystic Fibrosis patients over the age of six manage and treat chronic P. aeruginosaa bacterial infection common in patients with Cystic Fibrosis, which can cause breathing difficulty, pneumonia and a lack of oxygen.

Kitabis is specifically formulated for inhalation and delivery to the lungs by the use of a hand-held PARI LC PLUS Reusable Nebulizer (included in the Kitabis Pak). Kitabis and the hand-held PARI LC PLUS Reusable Nebulizer make treatments accessible and convenient.

IV solutions has been providing Kitabis to Cystic Fibrosis patients since it was FDA approved in 2014. IV Solutions is a reliable full-service pharmacy serving all 50 states that offer Kitabis to those in need. Kitabis is just one of many life changing products that IV Solutions can offer to those in need. Find out the IV Solutions’ Benefits for CF Patients >>


Components of the Kitabis Pak®

The Kitabis Pak contains both the tobramycin inhalation solution and the PARI LC PLUS Reusable Nebulizer. Each 28 day supply of Kitabis includes a new nebulizer to ensure the best treatment possible.


Tips for taking Kitabis

  • Only use Kitabis in your nebulizer.
  • Clean your nebulizer regularly to avoid any risk of illness or infection.
  • Doses should be taken as close to 12 hours apart as possible. Doses should not be taken less than six hours apart.
  • Do not use Kitabis if it appears cloudy, has particles in it, or has been kept at room temperature for more than 28 days.
  • Upon removal from a refrigerator, or if refrigeration is unavailable, Kitabis may be stored at room temperature or up to 28 days.
  • Always consult your physician and CF care team about using any medication or inhalation equipment.

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