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Pulmozyme & eRapid Nebulizer System

Approved by the FDA in May, 2012, the eRapid Nebulizer System is a fast, concentrated delivery method of Pulmozyme. Pulmozyme thins out the mucus created by cystic fibrosis and improves lung function. The eRapid nebulizer makes it easier to take your Pulmozyme treatments.

The eRapid system uses eFlow technology to drastically cut down treatment time, from six to eight minutes to two to three minutes. The improved convenience makes it easier for people to be consistent with their treatments. The machine is small, portable, and quiet for use away from home.

Pulmozyme and the eRapid Nebulizer System are designed for people with cystic fibrosis. The eRapid system is one of many CF treatments available from IV Solutions in all 50 states.


Components of the eRapid Nebulizer System

The base

The eBase controller works with multiple nebulizers that use PARI’s eFlow technology. It can be plugged into an outlet, or it can use AA batteries for portable convenience.

The handset

You place the medication inside the eRapid nebulizer’s reservoir and inhale the mist through the mouthpiece. The eRapid is easy to use and to keep clean. Its improved delivery method significantly reduces the length of treatments.


Tips for the eRapid Nebulizer System

  • Read and follow the instructions for using your eRapid.
  • Only use the eRapid Nebulizer with the intended medication.
  • Hold the nebulizer level during treatments.
  • Check the message screen to know when you’re finished taking your dose.
  • Follow the care instructions to prolong the life of the device.
  • Consider the optional EasyCare aid to keep the nebulizer clean.
  • Use rechargeable batteries to save time and money.

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DISCLAIMER: Intended Use: The eFlow SCF / Trio is a handheld nebulizer that will be used with patients for whom doctors have prescribed medication for nebulization. The eFlow is intended for adult and pediatric patients. The FDA has not approved any combination of a medication with the eFlow SCF/Trio device as a drug/device combination.